Borneon Inheritance, Malaysian Heritage.

Multiple award winning spa, Jari Jari Spa, offers a unique myriad of services derived from the deepest parts of Sabah. Combining traditional therapies with modern spa management for a truly ethnic Borneo experience.

The founders of Jari Jari Spa are descendants from the most illustrious Borneon natives of the early 20th century. They are proud of their heritage and traditions, and their main mission is to ensure that the age-old skills of massage therapy are preserved and promoted for good health and the sense of well-being.

According to testimonials and review, foreign residents and local guests, who may also generally be unfamiliar with Dusun Lotud, Palad or Tanggara therapy, feel privileged to be able to benefit from this unique local knowledge.

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Traditional spa and massages from the indegenous tribes of Borneo

The Jari Jari Spa signature treatment is the Dusun Lotud Inan Treatment (it has also received an award!), It is an age old traditional therapy practised by the Lotud Dusuns, a local tribe from Northern Borneo. The Lotud Dusuns are a group from the Tuaran district just north of Kota Kinabalu. In this rice-growing region, the women learned the skills and techniques of massage to help ease the aches and pains left after a day of backbreaking work in the paddy fields. These techniques have been passed down from generation to generations until today.

Their distinctive massage technique involves applying pressure with the thumbs to the various pressure points in the body, instantly unlocking and releasing tension and relaxes all parts of the muscles in the body.

Another unique feature we have found to be particularly popular is the Traditional Local Folk Treatment. This is a traditional treatment is used in folk medicine to warm the body during the cool monsoon, kayu manis or cinnamon stimulates and warms, bringing relief from body aches and pains. This skin exfoliator and body warmer is specially recommended for those who have been active throughout the day and find a dire need to relax.

This is a unique experience which no visitor should miss.

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The Dusun tribe is largely spread across Sabah, once a hunter gatherer group and many were farmers. The Lotud Dusun group is especially distinct as they were mostly rice farmers from Tuaran, a district blessed with plenty of rain flow for paddy planting.

The women from this tribe learned very early on massage techniques to ease back and shoulder pains from hours of strenuous work in the field.

Using the pressure of the palm, Palad was developed by the Bookan Murut Tribe in Borneo as a soothing and relaxing massage that encourages blood circulation, and relieves tiredness and stress. Suitable for first-timers and the elderly.

At FoW, Palad Massage is made even more special with elements of Himalayan Sound Healing.

Beginning at the lower legs and continuing to the upper body, the Tanggara Tribe developed their own way of dealing with the tiring daily travel up and down the Crocker Range around Mount Kinabalu. Using both long and circular strokes, as well as kneading, the Tanggara Massage relieves the muscle aches caused by running, jungle trekking and mountain climbing.

At FoW, Tanggara Massage is made even more special with Himalayan Sound Healing.

Bringing together the best elements of traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous massage techniques, Urutan Malaysia encapsulates the very essence of Malaysia into a rejuvenating and energising wellness experience.

Empowering Indigenous Tribes

Preserving the uniqueness of an age-old specialty

The founders of Jari Jari Spa are proud of their heritage and traditions, and their main mission is to ensure that the age-old skills of massage therapy are preserved and promoted for good health and the sense of well-being.


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