Say aloha to Jojo

OhanaJo Studio is a co-healing space, founded by renowned wellness personality Jojo Struys,  to connect with like-minded souls and fellow yogis, teachers and speakers offering various ways to experience mind-body healing whether it’s through a yoga class, motivational talk, transformational workshop or session in sound healing at the largest sound healing space in Malaysia. 

OhanaJo comes from the Hawaiian word ‘ohana’ which means family Everyone is welcome here, because we are all intrinsically connected. OhanaJo aims to provide a space for a conscious community to come together, grow and be supported by each other, because that’s what families do!

Claim Your Gift of Wellness

If you are new to Future of Wellness, we would like to welcome you to our newly opened urban wellness hub in Kuala Lumpur with a gift of wellness. Join our community now and claim your gift today.