Wellness Solutions

Traditional chinese medicine meets modern science.

Experience wholehearted care at 1TCM by qualified physicians; where ancient remedies meet modern science. Experts in pain management, cosmetology and slimming, all treatments including acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and herbal medicine solutions are delivered in a comfortable and professional, spa-like environment.

Award-winning ethnic Borneo massages with sound healing.

Recognised as Malaysia’s No.1 Spa globally after winning the ASEAN Spa Standards Awards 2019, Jari Jari Spa treatments draw from the rich cultural heritage of the ‘Dusuns’, the largest group of indigenous people in North Borneo. Experience unique indulgence as our therapists bring you into a renewed sense of well being through the ‘Dusun Lotud Inan’ (Paddy Field), ‘Palad’ (Palm of Hand) and ‘Tanggara’ (The Mountain massage).

Malaysia’s largest sound healing space with 100+ classes.

OhanaJo Studio is a co-healing space to connect with like-minded souls and fellow yogis, teachers and speakers offering various ways to experience mind-body healing whether it’s through a yoga class, motivational talk, transformational workshop or session in sound healing. OhanaJo comes from the Hawaiian word ‘ohana’ which means familly. Whatever point you’re at in your life’s journey, just know that everyone is welcome here, because we are all intrinsically connected.

Healthy aging and healthcare for the whole family.

Experts in medical, aesthetics & regenerative medicine, McKay Clinic is dedicated to help you manage healthcare and aesthetic needs of your whole family. Your first appointment starts with a comprehensive consultation that will ensure you and your loved ones are getting the care and support service needed.

Natural hair growth and scalp care with Japanese formulations.

At Holistic Hair Care, we combine the best of modern Japanese technology, formulated with organic and natural herbal ingredients to help rejuvenation of the scalp and hair follicles, resulting in the restoration of natural, thick and healthy hair growth.

Pioneer in non invasive anti aging and facelift treatments (since 1993).

Leave your wrinkles to the beauty experts as they provide professional facial rejuvenation services and intensive skincare treatments with non-invasive techniques that utilize advanced technology for visible, safe and long-lasting anti-aging results. Emma Lizs is founded by Ms. Alice Teoh,who strongly believes in providing clients with a holistic beauty experience that pampers them beyond all their expectations.

Top-to-toe organic waxing and premium mani-pedi services.

Buluu is a premium waxing spa that provides top waxing services and signature treatments, using high-quality wax and techniques by Master Trainers all around the world. They provide top to toe waxing services and signature treatments created specially only for customers. Come and experience a waxing spa like no other, aimed to solve all your Buluu woes, truly committed to Buluu you away.

Modern breastfeeding centre integrating Malay traditional maternal care.

Bondahaven is the first holistic breastfeeding centre in Malaysia that integrates modern Science with Malay traditional maternal care, Founded by Dr. Tengku Nur ‘Atiqah is a medical doctor, lactation counselor an avid breastfeeding advocate, Bondahaven is the perfect place where new mothers can be guided comfortably through challenging paradigm shifts to raise happy, healthy families.

Malaysia’s first wellness themed co-working space.

Workwell by H Space is the first Wellness Co-Working space in Malaysia that allows members to be more focused in a mindful work environment that is designed to increase productivity and well-being. Work Well aims to make bad offices a thing of the past.

Therapeutic crafting workshops & classes with organic materials.

Enjoy therapeutic crafting workshops & classes offered by Craftiviti, a Malaysian homegrown retail and online store for crafters, makers and dreamers. Craftiviti supplies high quality tools and materials from reputable sources for all sorts of craft including soap and candle materials, clays, waxes, paints, epoxy resins, even liquid silicone for mold making.

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